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Bombshell Hair, a business started in downtown Plymouth in 2004, has thrived due to the talents and hard work of its proprietor, Beth Allen, who applies 25 years' experience and a passion for good hair styles and good hair color to achieve a great look for her many satisfied clients.

.iTown: We like the name of your salon - how did you come up with it?

When I was growing up I loved to watch the old black and white movies with stars like Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, and Elizabeth Taylor. These gorgeous women were referred to as "Bombshells", so the name, as well as the salon's decor, is inspired by those icons of beauty.

How do you like having a business in downtown Plymouth?

After doing work as a stylist in the area for over 20 years, I knew it was the perfect location for my business. I love Plymouth - it's a true small town community. I know my neighbors, and literally gab over the fence with them. Everyone has a smile and a wave for each other - I am so content to be a part of this lovely city.

What is the primary reason a new customer will come to your shop?

New clients are usually looking for a change and have had someone they trusted enthusiastically recommend us. Referrals from happy clients are how my business has been built - it's difficult to put your self image into a stranger's hands and ask for something totally new and different - but if a new customer has a friend tell them that I listen and will work with them on options and advice on how to do or maintain a new hairstyle, it makes the change a welcome adventure! And when these new customers leave satisfied, they tell more friends about Bombshell Hair.

Do you have specialties? Please tell us about them.

I am a hair color specialist, chemistry is my thing! During times when I am not behind the chair, I teach color chemistry to other stylists in their salons. Every head of hair is different - to achieve the same hair color on ten heads would require ten different formulas. I love that challenge, there is no boredom in my job! I also do glamour hair for proms, weddings, and special events - that's also great fun!

What hair color trends are you seeing?

Current color trends are now getting away from the bold chunks and ribbons of highlights into two or three colors finely sliced and blended into the overall color/cut design. It is a more natural and easily maintained look. Hollywood and the Fashion Runways are showing cool, icy blondes now that summer tans are giving skin some color. Brunettes are rich and deep with warm caramel undertones or highlights. Redheads are spicy and warm for summer.

What do you think are the biggest influences in hair styles? What kind of looks do you recommend?

Hollywood and TV stars, musicians, models - anyone that is repeatedly in the public eye. What I recommend is different for each person but it always involves emphasizing their best features, working with the texture they have, with an understanding of their lifestyle. Some people want to spend ten minutes on their hair and others will spend two hours, it's all got to be customized to the individual.

You must get some unusual requests...

After 25 years in the business, nothing seems that unusual. I've done rainbow mohawks, cut off 3 feet of hair from a single head, and cried with clients who requested that I shave their heads because they were undergoing chemotherapy. I have had a 300 pound, tattooed, scary-looking biker come in to my shop to have me cut-off his long ponytail - he donated it to Locks of Love, and he turned out to be a teddy bear!

Tell us about Locks of Love...

I volunteer with Locks Of Love- a fantastic organization that makes wigs for kids up to 18 years old with permanent hair loss and limited financial means to afford a human hair prosthetic. I donate my time and skills doing free haircuts to anyone willing to donate ten inches or more of hair. To make an appointment or to learn more, an interested donor can go to or I also collect product donations for First Step in Plymouth, a shelter for Abused/At Risk Women and Children. We accept personal care products that have not been used at the salon - shampoo, soaps, deodorants, perfumes, etc. - and get them to the women at the Shelter. The women at the shelter leave domestic abuse situations, often with only the clothes on their backs and their children, and First Step provides them a place to be safe and the help they need to start over.

UPDATE - Bombshell customer reviews...Since this spotlight article first appeared, we have received responses from many Bombshell Hair customers. Without further adieu...

I love going into the Bombshell Hair Salon. It's very relaxing and cozy, and the girls there take great care of their clients. The place is clean and feels like home. The decor is very retro and "bombshell-esque" Beth is very up to date on all of the trendy styles and colors and loves when a client says " Do whatever you think would look good" She loves a challenge! Beth has been cutting and coloring my hair for several years and she is the only I'll let touch my hair!

Mary Ann S.
The salon is wonderful.

Linda Expose
I am always amazed at Beth's skills, and so are my two daughters (their birthday gifts from me were color and style. They are beautiful, they loved the whole experience. Beth even inspired my younger daughter to attend Paul Mitchell The School. The shop is great; the friendliness and warmth, the beauty of the "bombshells", Beth and Eve, and all the clients. Love getting my hair done!

Debra Pope
This is a great salon to visit. Beth always makes you feel welcome. The place itself is painted all warm & cozy. You will always leave with a smile and a good feeling. I always gets lots of compliments on my hair, and am proud to pass out Beth's cards. Her assistant Eve is also fun and very pleasant to chat with.

Barb Curcuru
I don't know if I have enough time or space to talk about Beth Allen and Bombshell Hair. No one can cut, color and style hair better than Beth. She listens to your requests and gives her opinion with great diplomacy. When you leave Bombshell Hair you feel beautiful. But you won't want to leave the salon because Beth makes you feel so at home--comfortable and relaxed.

Beth has styled & colored my hair for many years. There is no one else I trust! She is always ready to give you suggestions for style or hair color. This lady knows her stuff !!! Beth is always very friendly & upbeat so it is always fun to visit & you leave looking great !!

Janet Mailhot
Beth is just great. Getting my hair done at Bombshell is bether than therapy! She is always so happy and eager to listen to her clients concerns and requests. I finally found someone who understands my wavy, humidity-“challanged" hair. I never have to wait more than a minute or two but sometimes I arrive early just to snack on the ever-present cookies and check out the ton of cool magazines too. I used to dread getting my hair cut but now I look forward to it ‘cuz she is amazing.

I've been a client of Beth's for many years. Long before she opened Bombshell. She is very talented and a whiz at coloring and cutting hair. What is unique about Bombshell is the personal attention Beth gives to each client. It is most definitely not your typical "cookie cutter" salon. I have personally witnessed some of her client's make-overs, and they are nothing short of amazing! I highly recommend Bombshell Hair!

Patrick Ferguson
I have known Beth for about 3 years now and would recommend her to anyone because I think that she and her salon are great! She is a very warm and friendly person and she makes suggestions that highlight a persons best features. I have gotten compliments from people ever since she started cutting my hair. Beth and her staff work hard to get you the appointment time you request and she has never kept me waiting for service. The salon itself is always neat and clean and I notice something new on her walls every time I am there.

Pamela Sanderson
Wow! Great interview. I couldn't have said it better myself. Always a great experience at Bombshell. The best thing is…it's worry free. I just tell Beth to do whatever she thinks is best! I've never been disappointed. I am a very satisfied Bombshell customer. Thanks for the great hair!

Mary Ellen Smith
I have been seeing Beth at Bombshell for a year - I was referred by a friend who is also a Bombshell client and has great looking hair. I work at Twelve Oaks Mall and since I have been seeing Beth, I have had customers and co-workers approach me and ask where I get my hair done!

Sarah E
My mother and sister, a hairstylist in training, both loved Beth and their experience with her so much that my mom took me there for my birthday for a makeover. I am decidedly not the 'girly-type' and thought it would be torture. Boy was I wrong! Beth is the best stylist I have ever come across, and I usually see a new one every time I need a trim. I enjoyed my time with Beth considerably, and can't wait for my next appointment. She gave me a beautiful cut and a great shade of red, as that used to be my natural color and I refuse to give it up. I am hard to please, but Beth did such a great job, I couldn't stop smiling for weeks! I would tell ANYONE to go see Beth, and as a Customer Service professional, I am picky about my referral, though I have never hesitated to tell people about Beth, even my boss! Beth does a wonderful job with her clients, making friends easily with her effervescent personality and genuine desire to see people happy. There's a lot more things I can say about Beth, ALL of them great, but to really understand just how special this shop is and how wonderful of an experience is in store, you really have to stop in and see her!

To make an appointment with Beth at Bombshell Hair, call 734-414-6309. Visit on the web at or in person at 1082 Main Street in downtown Plymouth.

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