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.iTown recently spoke with Andrea Long, owner and fitness trainer extraordinaire, at her studio on Main Street in Plymouth (behind Backyard Birds).  This writer was also put through the paces on a workout with Andrea - for that story (which we have now recovered from), please visit our Living/Health and Fitness section.

.iTown - How long have you been open?

I signed the lease December 1, 2008 and opened for business on December 15.

Why did you choose downtown Plymouth for your location?

I live in neighboring Canton and I always loved downtown Plymouth. Itís a great place. The people are friendly and there is a true sense of community here. I have lived in many places, including Boston and South Florida and the people of Plymouth have been, by far, the most welcoming.

Current Articles

Dear President Open Letter from a Canton-based Alternative Energy Service Provider

We would love to shake your hand when you visit Michigan. After struggling to promote solar energy systems here in Michigan since 1985, suddenly we have real governmental support and recognition.
COOL BIZ: Auto Graphics and More - Upper Level Graphics

COOL BIZ: Auto Graphics and More - Upper Level Graphics

You've seen their work around town - at the museum, at church, or even on the road. Learn more about a cool business in our community - Upper Level Graphics.
About our Services at

About our Services at

It was be nice if we were in this for the fun of it. While it is fun, we need to generate some revenue to keep this website going. Employ us, and you'll work with people that will connect your business to the Plymouth Community. In a big way!
Ruby Combat Boots?  A Perfect Gift!

Ruby Combat Boots? A Perfect Gift!

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TOP 10 REASONS - Why Take Advantage of Our FREE LISTING?

TOP 10 REASONS - Why Take Advantage of Our FREE LISTING?

Want more business for your business? Read our list. We'll get the obvious reasons out of the way first, but then you will get a few ideas you may not have thought of.


Local owner-operated businesses make strong contributions to the local economy, and provide great service to people in the community. In this spotlight, we visit with Beth Allen, the "colorful" owner of the Bombshell Hair salon in downtown Plymouth.
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Which statement most closely describes your current decision making process for sourcing services - either at home or on the job?
I only hire a service provider for things I can't do on my own
I am becoming more selective on what I hire out
I outsource according to my needs - which have not changed much
I am outsourcing more - Service providers do a better job, and save me time to focus on what I do best
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