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Sustainability Made Easy!

Valerie Jenner

The benefits of “Going Green” are heard everywhere today, but many do not know where to start or how to improve present practices. It is easier and simpler than many expect and does not need to break the bank. An Ann Arbor organization, EDC, provides hands-on support to clients reducing their environmental footprint; easing the demands they place on natural resources and lowering operating expenses.

Benjamin Franklin practically stated, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” EDC applies this conviction by employing the European Unions standard of Precautionary Principle to their audits and recommendations. The Precautionary Principle rejects products and ingredients that are suspected of causing severe or irreversible harm to the public or the environment while placing scientific burden of proof, of safety, on the manufacturer prior to products being released. Damage and the costs associated with it can be prevented before the end user even sees the product.
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