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Why Isn't There One in Plymouth?

Plymouth has everything...almost. What kind of store, shop, service or business or organization would you like to see in Plymouth to make our community complete? If we get enough feedback on this, your suggestions may become reality.  If nothing else, it will enable our site-users to make suggestions on how you can find something you are looking for.

Reader Responses:
WRITERS Freelance writers wanted to submit articles on a wide variety of topic of interest to residents of the Plymouth and Canton communities - for posting on Monetary and non-monetary compensation programs available. Reply by email to - please provide samples or links to your work.
I like to go to Trader Joe's up on Haggerty just south of 8 Mile Rd. We should have one in Plymouth in one of the strip centers on Ann Arbor Rd.

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Why Isn't There One in Plymouth?

If there is a business, store, service or organization you think belongs in Plymouth, make your suggestion here, and we'll post it on the site. Check back often, because other site-users may provide suggestions on what you are looking for.
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Current Articles

BIZ BLOG - What's Up With Borders?

BIZ BLOG - What's Up With Borders?

Another local (Ann Arbor-based) company, with a local presence (Ford Rd. in Canton) that is struggling is Borders Group. Here's my take on their financial woes.
NOW OPEN: Bargain Appliances, on Ann Arbor Rd.

NOW OPEN: Bargain Appliances, on Ann Arbor Rd.

In this tight economy, every dollar you can save counts. So when the washer, dryer, stove or fridge goes on the's Bargain Appliances to the rescue!

Bye-Bye Circuit City - Does Competition Suffer?

Many retail experts are concerned that the bankruptcy and liquidation of Circuit City will make the appliance and electronics industries less competitive. Will it?


Aldi in Canton has been open for a few months now - here's our take. What's yours?

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