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Ideas for Multigenerational Vacations

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Family time is always precious, but it can make for a lifetime of valued memories when it’s shared through a vacation. If your family vacation consists of three or more generations or provides the opportunity for grandparents to take their grandkids on a trip that will always be remembered, is there a way to ensure that everyone can have a good time?

In short, yes.

But it’s important to first gather and consider everyone’s ideas and needs. Some family members may want an active vacation, with opportunities to play sports and go adventuring. Some may want quiet time on a beach or be pampered in a spa. Toddlers may not want an afternoon nap, but chances are they will need one; perhaps the senior members of the family will, too. Kids may want to do nothing but swim, while teenagers may long for shopping and nightly entertainment.

The key to success is to start planning early, and to work with a travel professional experienced in arranging multigenerational vacations. He or she can search out the best options for your family, as well as assist you in taking advantage of group discounts.  Here are three options we at Travel Leaders suggest:

Cruises – Whether it’s the sun-filled days offered in the Caribbean or a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Alaska, a cruise is an ideal option for a multigenerational family vacation. Many cruise ships are extremely well-equipped to entertain family members of all ages. Everyone will be able to find things to do on their own, with a companion or with the whole group. With unique ports of call on the itinerary, travel professionals can counsel you on the perfect family outing via one of the diverse shore excursions available. 

All-inclusive resorts – For those families preferring to experience all that one singular destination has to offer, an all-inclusive resort makes a worthy choice. Active family members can try various sports and activities, while those with a penchant for pure relaxation can enjoy the treatment from an on-site spa or sprawl out by the beach or pool. The whole family can get together for sightseeing experiences.

Theme parks – If your family loves rides and games, a theme park vacation can provide the ultimate in fun-filled thrills. With a wide variety of attractions and amusements, theme parks are not just for kids and teens – there’s plenty to keep adults and seniors entertained, too. Plus, riding a thrilling rollercoaster together just might provide your family with a soaring bonding experience – to paraphrase an old adage that says, “The family that plays together, stays together.”

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