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CONTEST: The Best Dog Face in Plymouth

A Disqualified Entry - She's ours!
Two of the editors of .iTownOnline feel that they have a dog with the best dog face.  Fortunately for you, we admit we're a little bit biased, and, unfortunately for her, our dog Ruby will not be allowed to win this contest. So it's wide open, and we're going to let our website visitors decide the winner. To enter your pooches mug in our contest, send a photo and a brief description of your dog (name, breed, age, description of photo) in an email to us with the the words Best Dog Face in Plymouth in your subject line, and we will post entries to enable our site visitors to choose the winner.

We are still lining up sponsors, but one prize will be a free photo session of your pooch with our the official photographer of .iTownOnline, picuresatyourplace,com.  Check back for more prizes, but send your entries now!

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