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THE SPORTS GUY - Weekend Football Wrap-up

The weekend started off with a bang, beginning in the Canton Chiefs locker room, when the Freep's Son of Swami predicted a 28-20 Chief's loss to Lakeland, with the added insult of publicizing his prediction the Chiefs squad would only win two games during the season. Take that Swami - with a tight Chiefs defense that picked off passes on two consecutive 4th quarter Lakeland possessions, and a 90 yard touchdown catch and run by Canton's Dakota Dark Bird, the Chiefs took it to Lakeland in a 24-14 victory.

Michigan got their first win of the season in a less dramatic, and less entertaining game than the one played by the Chiefs.  In their snoozer against Miami of Ohio, the most excitement came from the emergence of freshman Sam McGuffie as the running back of the future for the Wolverines.  Unlike the previous week, Michigan did what they had to do - they showed up, and they eeked out a victory over a MAC team they would have romped on in previous seasons.   But Rich Rodriguez's spread attack is supposed to add excitement to their offense, and I can't imagine I'm the only one that is so far not impressed. A big problem - after two games, neither quarterback, Threat or Sheridan, has been able to step up and prove that they deserve the reins to the Michigan offense.

Have you seen the YouTube video of McGuffie hurdling a defender to score a touchdown in a high school game?  Here it is.

Finally, the Lions came out and played like...well, the Lions. It is perhaps not possible to write off dreams for an entire season this early, but for any fan clinging to the hope that the 4-0 pre-season was an indication of a brighter future for the Lions, those hopes were quickly dashed. After the game, Rod Marinelli summarized the woeful defensive effort with his assessment that the tackling was "horrendous". So, what are Lions fans supposed to think about prospects for the season if they couldn't tackle the Falcons, who may have been one of the few teams projected to be worse than the Lions this season? The sports guy fears many blow-outs on the Lions horizon. A silver lining in this dark Lions cloud? If they continue to play this poorly, will we finally be rid of Millen?

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