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COMMUNITY BLOG 10/14 - More Ramblings About Life in Plymouth and Canton

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10/14 - With one important Republican vote, a health care reform bill made it through committee.  Are we on the way to something the Clinton administration couldn't pull off, and the Bush administration did not attempt?  At .iTown, we're advocates of health care reform - as a small business, health care for employee families is a huge expense, and the lack of real competition among insurance and service providers (have you seen any other industry that can pass along such large price increases year after year?) puts consumers at high financial and ultimately, health risk.  We have the largest economy in the world, and yet we spend the largest percentage of Gross Domestic Product on health care than any other developed nation, and we still have over 50 million people without health insurance coverage.  Something needs to change - now.  Please make Thad McCotter, our representative in Washington, aware of your own feelings about healthcare reform.

On a lighter note, our own Plymouth High School football team made national news for it's game against John Glenn, for, as reported, forgetting to cover and/or tackle the person that picked up the ball.  This will test the adage, "Any publicity is good publicity".  Here's a link to the national story, which also includes access to an end-of-game video clip, which tells the whole story

Lots of other things are happening in and around Plymouth and Canton.  Check out this site, or check out a new shopping area or neighborhood, and let us know what you find!

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