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COMMENT: What's Wrong With This Story?

.iTown Staff, citing web sources

The article that can be read by following the link below has us scratching our heads for several reasons, but it begs us to ask the following questions:

Why would anyone, let alone a 8 year-old, be allowed to test-fire an Uzi at a gun show?

Is it a surprise that in many states, the practice of test firing of machine guns, including by minors, is allowed at gun shows?

Allowing test firing of a machine gun at a gun show seems like an accident waiting to happen, as it now has.  The best defense?  Organizers say that certified professionals use their "discretion" to determine if a given individual is competent to fire such a weapon.  We'll admit to not frequenting gun shows, but how qualified would a "professional" have to be to ensure that such an accident will never occur?

Here's the referenced article.

If you have a point of view on this, please provide it.

Reader Responses:

Add your response:

Test-firing of machine guns at gun shows - What do you think?

The death of an eight year-old boy allowed to shoot a Uzi machine gun at a Massachuesetts gun show brings up the question - should it be allowed? Please provide your comments...
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